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Directed by Ravi
Produced by SN. Raja
E. Chitra
Uma Maheswari
Starring Vignesh
Divya[disambiguation needed]
Music by Srikanth Deva
Distributed by ITA Films
Release dates 23 June 2006
Country India
Language Tamil

Aacharya is an Indian Tamil language film released in 2006.


  • "Aacharya." at IndiaGlitz (for infobox)

"Aachaarya" is a poignant story of young man, who takes to crime to earn a living and later treat a transformation path after realizing his past mistakes. Writer-Director Ravi, formerly an associate of Bala has tried to give a different twist to a gang war tale in his"Aachaarya". And he succeeds to a large extent in his attempt. An icy aplomb for his originality!! However, the film may notbeat the competition from the movies of it genre, because at no point you feel the adrenaline pumping and the suspenseis non-existent. The story lacks the slickness to makeit set apart from the competition. But somehowthere is enough charm in the ramshackle affair to win you over.