Aachen Open Air Pop Festival

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The Aachen Open Air Pop Festival was held on 10-12 July 1970, in Aachen (West Germany), at the Hauptstadion, an equestrian stadium (Europe's biggest) near the Dutch border. The "Soersfestival", as it is most commonly called, was the initiative of three local students. As there were many hippies and freaks to be expected from all over Europe, the organisers had to tackle considerable difficulties and hostilities to go ahead with the idea. Some 40,000 visitors attended. The Festival was well-organised, no real problemms occurred and the weather was fine. Coca-Cola was the main investor, along with some local entrepreneurs. Tickets cost DM 15,- , or DM 40,- for three days.

Artists that declined invitations have been known to include Canned Heat, Fat Mattress, John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band, Rhinoceros, The Rolling Stones, and Soft Machine.




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