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Aamulehti wordmark.svg
Aamulehti numero nolla etusivu.png
Front page of first edition (3 December 1881)
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Alma Media
Editor Matti Apunen
Founded 1881
Political alignment Neutral
Language Finnish
Headquarters Tampere
Circulation 136,726 per day (2004))
Official website www.aamulehti.fi

Aamulehti (Finnish for "morning newspaper") is a Finnish newspaper published in Tampere. It was founded in 1881 to "improve the position of the Finnish people and the Finnish language" during Russia's rule over Finland.[1] It has the second largest circulation of Finnish dailies with an average circulation of 136,726 per day and 140,802 on Sundays (2004). In 2003, Aamulehti was acquired by Alma Media, a large media corporation in Finland, for a reported 460 million euros.[2] Until 1992 it was aligned to the National Coalition Party, but no longer has official connections to any Finnish political party.

The paper also publishes four weekly supplements: the entertainment-centered Valo ("Light"), which is published on Fridays, and Moro ("Hi" in the dialect of the Tampere region), which explores the culture of Tampere on Thursdays. In 2006 the two Sunday supplements were added: Asiat ("Matters") and Ihmiset ("People").



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