Aaptos kanuux

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Aaptos kanuux
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Demospongiae
Order: Hadromerida
Family: Suberitidae
Genus: Aaptos
Species: A. kanuux
Binomial name
Aaptos kanuux
Lehnert, Hocevar & Stone, 2008 [1]

Aaptos kanuux is a sea sponge belonging to the Phylum Porifera.[1] It is a newly discovered species of sea sponge and it is named after the Aleutian word for heart.[2]

Greenpeace Discovery[edit]

Greenpeace announced the discovery on April 28, 2008. It was discovered in the summer of 2007 while investigating deep sea canyons of the Bering Sea. Kenneth Lowyck discovered the new species while exploring the bottom of the canyon in a Deep Worker. George Pletnikoff, Greenpeace Alaska Ocean's Campaigner and an Aleut/Unangan from St. George Island was given the honor of naming the sponge and subsequently chose the Aleut/Unangan word for heart.