Aardvark Records

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Aardvark Records
Type Public
Industry Music & Entertainment
Founded 2001
Headquarters Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Key people Andrew Reeve and Alex di Savoia
Website Aardvark Records

Aardvark Records is a British internet promotional music company started by Andrew Reeve and Alex di Savoia, which promotes the genres indie rock, Americana, alt country, dance music, electronica, adult contemporary and pop music. Aardvark Records utilises internet distribution techniques, such as podcasting, internet radio, providing music videos to online streaming websites (YouTube, Google Video), providing full tracks on social networking sites and blogging. They are based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. To date they have had no chart success .


List of all artists[1]

Dance artists[edit]

Rock and pop artists[edit]

inprint label – http://www.reverbnation.com/label/lightfallrecords

World music and meditation artists + music library for synchronisation[edit]

  • Galaxy (meditation)
  • Meditations from the Secret Mountain. (instructional meditation CD)
  • Espers. Electronica for Film TV synchronisation.

Other projects[edit]

In 2008 Aardvark Records supplied 160 songs for the game Audiosurf.[2]

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