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Hasle Torv

Aarhus Vest (lit. English, "Aarhus West") or just Aarhus V is a district in the city of Aarhus, consisting of Hasle, Herredsvang, Møllevangen and Frydenlund.

Quarters and neighborhoods[edit]


The skyline of Møllevangen is dominated by Højhus Charlottehøj - one of the only brick-constructed highrises in Denmark.

Built primarily in the 1940s, Møllevangen has many four-storey apartment blocks in red or yellow brick, but also larger detached house areas and several townhouses. The area is situated close to Aarhus Botanical Gardens and the mall of Storcenter Nord. Møllevangen has two churches, a school and a nursing and retirement center.


The skyline of Møllevangen, is dominated by one of the only brick-constructed highrises in the country; a 16 storey red apartment block in the neighbourhood of Charlottehøj. In the northwest, lies the residential area of Finnebyen; a well defined neighbourhood of 122 colourful wooden houses from Finland, erected in 1947-48 to adress the increased housing needs after WW II. Finnebyen will perhaps be granted a local conservation status in the near future.[1] In the west, there are large playing fields for association football and athletics and beyond a large association of allotments.[2]


This is a detached housing area from the 1920s, south of Charlottehøj. In the east there are two dormitories, one of which is dedicated to descendants of members of the Danish resistance movement during the German occupation. There is a public memorial grove for Danish Nazi Concentration Camp prisoners in association with the dormitory grounds here. Business Academy Aarhus is situated on the outskirts of the neighbourhood, at the heavily trafficked meeting point of Viborg Vej and the Ring 1 ring road.


Frydenlund is a residential area southwest of Møllevangen, mainly consisting of the characteristic high rise concrete apartments from the 1960s and 70s, constructed of large, prefabricated concrete slabs. Approximately 2.500 people live in Frydenlund and they represent a diverse social and ethnic background. 58% are ethnic Danes and 42% are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. There is a large youth and child center (an Adventure Playground), with playgrounds, animal farms, facilities for sports, etc.[3][4]


This neighbourhood is located northwest of Møllevangen and consists mainly of apartment blocks in various designs, but with a diverse mix of townhouses, detached houses and a dormitory as well. There are around 5000 citizens, with 50% of foreign heritage. There is a church in Herredsvang and easy access to several recreational nature sites such as Marienlystparken, Brendstrup Skov and Vestereng. There are many community activities in Herredsvang, with institutions such as a culture house and several youth and child centres, including a small farm with livestock and forest kindergartens.[5]


Main article: Hasle, Aarhus

Hasle, with its 21.700 inhabitants, is by far the biggest part of Aarhus V and is divided into Hasle Vest and Gamle Hasle (lit. English, "Old Hasle").

Hasle Vest is located west of the main road Viborgvej and was developed in 1954 and build in the 1960s. The area consists of suburban houses and a big park in the middle of the area and in the northern part the characteristic high rise concrete apartments as a part of Public housing programs or projects, many of which are homes to immigrants. The concrete public housing area Bispehaven is a well known immigrant "ghetto" in Århus V, approx. 70% of the inhabitants are immigrants. The area ends east of the Ringvej, because when the area was being planned there was uncertainty about where the planned Jutland-Interstate E45 was to be built.

Gamle Hasle (lit. English, "Old Hasle") is farther to the east and south which consists of houses and some apartments. The center of the area is Hasle Torv, a square in the very busy junction of Viborgvej and Ryhavevej.


Several musicians are from Århus V, most famous are the Danish rappers L.O.C. (Liam O'Connor,), Johnson and U$O, the creators of the group B.A.N.G.E.R.S. Other groups started in Århus V as well, like the group Haven Morgan with the two rappers Kajser A and Ham Den Lange.


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Coordinates: 56°10′18″N 10°09′47″E / 56.17167°N 10.16306°E / 56.17167; 10.16306