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Aarohan Logo.png
Type Student Run Non Profit Technical Event.
Founded 2003
Place Durgapur, West Bengal, India
Institute NIT, Durgapur
Slogan Exploring the limits
Website www.arhn.co.in

Aarohan is the Annual National Techno-Management festival organized by the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India. Aarohan is organized during even semesters and lasts for four days. It is aimed at technical, arts as well as management students by offering a plethora of events, including lectures, seminars, workshops, competitions, paper presentations, exhibitions, quizzes, model displays and robotics events.


The featured events at Aarohan are:

  • Abhivyakti
  • Exquizzit
  • Robotics
  • Battle of bytes
  • E-summit
  • Junkyard wars
  • B-Plan
  • IBM Technical Contest
  • Contraptions
  • Blame the Builder
  • TCDC
  • Clean Energy & IEMS (Aarohan 2011 theme events)
  • Money Never Sleeps
  • Eco-Font
  • Car Design
  • OLPC
  • Journo Detective

Aarohan 2014[edit]

Aarohan 2014 was held from 6th-9 February and the theme for the event was "Unravelling the Indian Dream".[1] The event kicked off with the inaugural lecture on "Innovation in Science" by Mr. D. Datta, the Guest of Honour for Aarohan 2014 followed by a fun-filled evening wherein NIT Durgapur played hosts to famous comedians as Appurv Gupta,[2] Abhijit Ganguly and Anirban Dasgupta who left the audience mesmerized by their performance.

The noteworthy events that tested the teams’ mettle were Contraptions, Exquizzit, Khula-Maidan, Decathlon, Colossus, Robotect, War of the Words, Automotocity, Parchisi, Junkyard Wars, Abhivyakti, B-Plan competition and Journo Detective while the IBM Tech Quiz had mind-boggling questions up their sleeve. A series of Workshops pertaining to Autonomous Robotics, Quadcopter construction as well as Motion Sensing & Gesture Computing were organised.

Inspiratie - The Annual Guest Lecture series, welcomed the presence of the very esteemed Ms. Hasina Kharbih,[3] founder of Impulse NGO Network, Mr. Farrhad Acidwalla, founder of Rockstah Media[4] and the famous Mrs. Pankaj Bhadouria,[5] who won the hearts of Indians across the Nation with her mouth watering dishes on MasterChef India. They shared with the students their journeys sprinkled with passion, toil, obstacles and eventually, success. The auditorium resonated with the sound of applause at their heart rendering stories of entrepreneurship.

Like every journey which begins with hard work, Aarohan too ended with a fun-filled night of dancing and the arena was filled with joyous students happily enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Aarohan 2013[edit]

The 11th edition of Aarohan was held in 2013 from 7 to 10 February at National Institute of Technology Durgapur. The theme for this edition was "Celebrating the human mind". The festival was be kicked off by an online event, Transvectio, few days before 7 February as part of pre-Aarohan publicity. Aarohan was formally launched on the eve of 7 February through a grand ceremony and surprise performances by professionals. Events held included TCDC, Battle of Bytes, Blame the builder, Journo-detective, CAD Venture, OLPC, Robotics events, B-plan competitions and War of the Words (debate competition), as well as new events like Behind the Dots (with the rules tweaked since the last edition) and Snakin’ Up the Ladders. Additionally, the summit held this time, artistically named “Inspiratie 2013”, consisted of a range of speakers from all walks of life coming down to share their views on what inspires them and motivates them to do the work they are pursuing. There were workshops on autonomous robotics, RC Hovercraft and Android applications. Every late evening of Aarohan has had a fun filler like a jamming session or karaoke to relax and freshen the mind – popularly labelled as "Aarohan nites".

Aarohan 2012[edit]

Aarohan was into its 10th edition. The tentative dates for Aarohan 2012 are 9–12 February, a 3 day 4 night extravaganza.

Aarohan 2011[edit]

Aarohan 2011 saw participation from all nearly 3500 participants across country gritting and tasking for 3 days to prove their mettle. The events varied from technical to those that involved business acumen. This year Aarohan was attended by dignitaries from all over the world including Dr. Anil Kane, President of The World Wind Energy Association, Dr. Anand Karve, President of The Appropriate Rural Technology Institute, Dr. Sunil Handa, Professor at IIM-A and Founder of The Eklavya Foundation, Dr. Kiran Seth, Founder of SPIC MACAY.

Online events were organized among which OLPC and IBM Technical Quiz Contest had participation from all over the country and OLPC even garnered participation from abroad. More than 50 events were conducted in the span of 3 days. This year saw the first ever Entrepreneurship Summit and saw Mr. Gaurav Sharma, founder of Twtbuck.com, Mr.Irfan Alam, founder of The Samman Foundation, Mr. R. Sriram, founder of CROSSWORD gracing the stage. Also there were video lectures by Dr. Erik Noyes, professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Boston University and Sramana Mitra, entrepreneur and strategy consultant at MIT.


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