Aaron Bowen

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Aaron Bowen
Born January 31, 1973
Genres Neo-classical metal
Shred metal
Roots revival
Gypsy jazz
Associated acts Crimson Glory
Red Square Black
Website Aaronbowenmusic.com

Aaron Bowen (January 31, 1973) is an American guitarist and composer. He has been a noted player in underground guitar circles and toured with Crimson Glory and formed Red Square Black.

Early life[edit]

Aaron Bowen was born in San Diego, California to Richard Bowen, of the famed "Mother Goose" band of the 1960s.


Brian Wilson, George Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael, Walt Disney, EY Harberg, Rufus Wainwright, Van Dyke Parks, Shawn Lane, Jason Becker, and Richard Bowen.


  • Crimson Glory - Guitar (1989) ["Transcendence" touring member] - wore a white with blue striped old fashioned sleep gown with long pointed cap on stage.


  • 1991 "Forever Young" - lead guitar solo - Tyketto
  • 1994 Red Square Black (EP)
  • 2005 A Night At Sea
  • 2007 The Supreme Macaroni Co. Ltd. - name is a reference to the Supreme Macaroni Co. in the film The Professional


Aaron was a maintenance man for a San Diego apartment complex, and entered a unit for a repair while the tenant was gone, and saw empty KFC buckets and some memorable guitars—quickly realizing who the tenant was, just as Buckethead and DJ Disk came home. As it turned out, Aaron attended GIT at Musicians Institute with Brian Carroll, aka Buckethead.[citation needed]


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