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Aaron Brookner (born December 22, 1981) is an American film director and scriptwriter. His debut feature film was The Silver Goat (2011).[1] His first short film, The Black Cowboys, was awarded the Audience Award at the Rochester International Film Festival in 2004.[2]

Early life and career[edit]

Born in Greenwich Village, New York. He studied film at the prestigious Vassar College. His uncle, the late Howard Brookner, directed Bloodhounds of Broadway with Madonna and Matt Dillon. Visiting the set of that film was one of Aaron's early life memories and inspiration to become a filmmaker.[3] Among his early work in filmmaking, he assisted the production of Jim Jarmusch Coffee and Cigarettes and Personal Velocity by Rebecca Miller.[1] Before doing fiction films, he worked as a director of music videos such as Shake it for the band The Johns The Johns, I’m In Love With Your Knees, a collaboration between the singer/songwriter Austin Thomas, legendary guitarist Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith’s band, and acclaimed American novelist Nick Tosches. He was the director and cinematographer on a long feature documentary about Budd Schulberg, the legendary Hollywood writer.

'The Silver Goat'[edit]

He shot his first long feature in 11 days with a microbudget and cast and crew as investors alongside Pinball London Ltd, the production company in London responsible for the film. The film was finished in April 2012 and released exclusively for iPad as the first film to be done exclusively for this platform.[4] It was the 1st film released as an app in the UK, Europe and Latin America. The launch happened in London, UK, on May 10, 2012 on board of a routemaster bus. It was the 1st ever iPad premiere on the move.

The Silver Goat has been downloaded in 22 countries to date, reaching #15 of the top 50 entertainment apps in the UK, and #13 in Czech Republic.[1]

'Burroughs: The Movie'[edit]

In 2014 he will be re-releasing Howard Brookner's Burroughs: the Movie about Beat icon William S. Burroughs.[5]


  • NewNowNext MTV award for The John's Shake it
  • Audience Award Rochester Film festival for The Black Cowboys[2]


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