Aaron Marsh

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Aaron Marsh
Background information
Birth name Aaron Marsh
Genres Alternative rock, Indie rock
Occupation(s) Songwriter, Musician, Record producer
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar, bass
Years active 2000 - Present
Labels Tooth & Nail, Columbia Records, The Militia Group
Associated acts Copeland, Anchor & Braille, The Lulls in Traffic, Sleeping With Sirens

Aaron Marsh is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer from Florida. He first gained prominence as the lead singer, guitarist, and pianist for the Florida-based indie rock band Copeland, who formed in 2000. Marsh has since gone on to numerous production projects, co-producing his own band's studio albums usually along with either Matt Goldman or Aaron Sprinkle, as well as producing The Myriad's You Can't Trust a Ladder, the Be Fair EP by the band Estates, and The Positives by Person L.

Marsh produced Anchor and Braille's debut album: Felt, which was released on August 4, 2009. Marsh's production was praised by both AbsolutePunk and Alternative Press in their reviews of the album.[1][2]

Aaron has reported [3] that he will now be producing full time in The Vanguard Room recording studio. He has been working on a new project called The Lulls in Traffic, and they released their first video June 2011.[4] He has yet to publicly define his role in the band, but it can be gathered he is producing and singing in the group. He is producing the tracks while collaborating with Ivan Ives for The Lulls in Traffic.[5] He calls it his "skewed view" of underground hip-hop. [5]

Aaron also stated that a Copeland reunion tour does not seem to be a possibility, however, on April 1st, 2014, they have announced they are recording a new album called Ixora. [6]

Vocal contributions[edit]

Marsh has contributed guest vocals on a variety of songs.

Production credits[edit]

(P - Producer | E - Engineer | M - Mixing | W - Writing)

  • SEU Worship - "So All The World Will Know"
  • SEU Worship - "From The Vanguard Room"
  • The Myriad - You Can't Trust A Ladder (P)[12]
  • Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat (P/W)[13]
  • Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (P/E/W)[14]
  • Copeland - In Motion (P/W)[15]
  • Estates - Be Fair (P/E/W)
  • Person L - The Positives (P/E)
  • Summerbirds In the Cellar - Druids (E)
  • Anchor&Braille - Felt (P/E/M/W)[16]
  • Nikki Kummerow - Firecracker (P/E/M)
  • Woodale - Don't Say It Too Late (E/M)
  • Lydia - Illuminate (E/W)
  • Pemberley - I'm Fine (P/E/M)
  • Our Family Name - Begin At The Beginning (P/E)[17]
  • Poema - Once A Year: A Poema Christmas EP (P/E)
  • Andrew Shearin - Have Hope, Have Heart EP (M) [18]
  • Author - People Are Alike All Over EP
  • Valise - Dreamcatcher (E)[19]
  • Joshua Michael Robinson - Intentions
  • Fairground - Self Titled EP"
  • Valaska - Natural Habitat
  • Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk - Over Land and Sea


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