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The mainstreet in the town of Aars.

Aars is a Danish town with a population of 8,105 (1 January 2014)[1] in Himmerland, Denmark. Administratively, it is located in Vesthimmerland municipality, Region Nordjylland and it was the seat of the mayor in the now abolished Aars Municipality. The town was founded in the 1300s.

The museum[edit]

Aars is renowned for 'Museumcentre Aars', with various exhibits on important local cultural history and art. The museum was initiated in 1920 by Johannes V. Jensen, and was built in 1935. In 1999 the native artist Per Kirkeby and architect Jens Bertelsen designed the awardwinning new extension buildings and the museum have some of Per Kirkeby's artwork on display.


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Coordinates: 56°48′N 9°32′E / 56.800°N 9.533°E / 56.800; 9.533