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Aba- The Prince of Life (film).JPG
Directed by Jackson Anthony
Produced by Justin Belagamage & Rajindra Jayasinghe
Starring Malini Fonseka
Ravindra Randeniya
Sriyantha Mendis
Sabeetha Perera
Music by Nadeeka Guruge
Edited by Ravindra Guruge
Release dates
8 August 2008
Country Sri Lanka
Language Sinhala

ABÁ is the high-budget Sinhalese film directed by Jackson Anthony, based on the historical legend of King Pandukabhaya which is set in Sri Lanka more than 2400 years ago. The title is derived from "Pandu Aba", another name for the title character.

Anthony’s son, Sajitha Anuttara, portrays Pandukabhaya. The film also features Malini Fonseka, Ravindra Randeniya,Sriyantha Mendis, Sabeetha Perera and many other popular actors.

It was released in Sri Lanka on 8 August 2008. Plans are being made to screen this film in several other countries, including China, Italy and Australia.


Justin Belagamage and Rajindra Jayasinghe produced this film for Mandakini Creations (Pvt) Ltd. Production began halfway through 2007. The film was shot at different remote places in Sri Lanka. It is the most expensive Sinhalese movie to date, costing more than 60 million Rupees ($500.000).[citation needed] The set for the royal palace alone reportedly cost around 6.5 million Rupees ($60.000).


  • Sajitha Anuttara as Pandukabhaya
  • Ravindra Randeniya as Pandula
  • Malini Fonseka as Bhaddakachchana- Won Sarasaviya Best Supporting Actress Award
  • Sabeetha Perera as Unmaada Chitra
  • Senaka Titus Anthony as Senda
  • Kanchana Kodituwakku as Deega Gamini
  • Saumya Liyanage as Habara
  • Dulani Anuradha (Introducing) as Gumbakabutha- Won Sarasaviya Best Actress Award
  • Sriyantha Mendis as Parumukhaya
  • Neil Alles as King Panduvasudeva
  • Lucien Bulathsinhala as Abhaya


  • Director – Jackson Anthony
  • Producers- Justin Belagamage, Ms. Rajindra Jayasinghe for Mandakini Creations
  • Assistant Director – Anura Wijeysinghe
  • Director of Photography – Suminda Weerasinghe
  • Music Director – Nadeeka Guruge
  • Production Manager- Samanpriya Marasinghe
  • Art Director – Udeni Subodhi Kumara
  • Make-up Artist – Vasantha Vittachchi
  • Editor- Ravindra Guruge
  • Costume Designers- Nihan Senevirathna, Vasantha Srinath
  • Choreographer- Chandana Wickramasinghe
  • Stunts Director- Guru G Karunapala
  • Visual Effects Artist- Chamath Paranawithana
  • Lyricist- Prof. Sunil Ariyarathne

Aba Hatana - the mobile game[edit]

The film has been made into a mobile game at the request of director Jackson Anthony. The game is titled Aba Hatana.[1]


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