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Abaana is Northern Ireland based charity raising money for children in Africa. Founded in January 1998, it works with children in countries such as Uganda, Zambia and Malawi. Projects include Building schools, Street children, child sponsorships, access to clean water, education and medical treatment. The word "Abaana" comes from a language in East Africa and means children.


Abaana was founded by Scott Baxter in 1998. Scott Baxter was just 19 years old but had a passion to help the children in Africa. The charity started small scale as a voluntary organisation, but over the last few years has grown. They have built over 10 schools in Uganda and sponsor more than 1000 children through education.

Child sponsorship[edit]

Child sponsorship is something Abaana is passionate about, as education is a way out of the poverty cycle. Every day in Africa, many children are simply trying to survive. The money given by the sponsor will allow the child to attend school, and provide them with other necessities such as medical care, clothing, etc. It costs £14 (or €22, US$27, CAN$38, A$38) a month to sponsor a child. With Abaana, the full £14 goes to Africa and towards your childs welfare - none is spent on admin.


Much of Abaana's funding comes from young people and this is achieved through an ongoing event started by Abaana to raise funds for children in Africa. During December of every year, hundreds of young people get sponsored to go without food for 24 hours. The money raised goes towards building schools, homes for street children and providing clean water, among other things. Other activities can be done instead of fasting, for example some people get sponsored to jump in the sea on New Year's Day!


Every summer, various teams (mainly from Northern Ireland) travel to Uganda. The team members help with building projects, kids work and many other things. Mens, ladies, and youth teams are organised frequently as well as teams for schools and churches.

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