Abaskhiron the Soldier

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St. Abaskhiron The Strong is an Egyptian martyr who died at the reign of Emperor Dioclitian. Despite working a great miracle by moving an entire church from northern Egypt to the middle of Egypt, overtime his fame waned, and he became almost forgotten. He recently appeared to a Coptic priest admonishing him to tell people about him. There are a few churches that have his name and in Egypt and even fewer outside of Egypt.


The name “Abaskhyron” is derived from two words, “Abba” which means father, is given to him due to respect (despite his young age in martyrdom). The second part of the name, “skhyron,” sometimes “eshseros,” “eskaros” means the strong. He was born in Qelleen in modern day Kafr el-Sheikh governorate in the northern part of Egypt. He was a brave soldier and was loved and popular among his peers and superiors in the military brigade in Atreeb (modern day Bunha in northern Egypt).