Abba Bok'a

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Abba Bok'a
King of the Kingdom of Jimma
Reign 1859–1862
Full name Moti Abba Bok'a
Predecessor Abba Rebu
Successor Abba Gomol
Dynasty Kingdom of Jimma
Religious beliefs Islam

Moti Abba Bok'a was a King of the Gibe Kingdom of Jimma (reigned 1859–1862). He was the son of Abba Magal, and brother of Abba Jifar I.


Because the son of his nephew, Moti Abba Rebu, was an infant when he was killed, Abba Bok'a was made King. A devout believer unlike his predecessors, he advocated Islam in Jimma, building many mosques and sending educated Muslims to proselytize and teach in his provinces.

Abba Bok'a was very old at the time he became King, and died from natural causes.[1]


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Preceded by
Abba Rebu
Kingdom of Jimma Succeeded by
Abba Gomol