Abbeyhill Junction

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Coordinates: 55°57′23.74″N 3°8′50.88″W / 55.9565944°N 3.1474667°W / 55.9565944; -3.1474667

Abbeyhill Junction
Faded hotel advertisement on a tenement overlooking Abbeyhill Junction

Abbeyhill Junction was a railway junction in Abbeyhill area of Edinburgh. It was used to connect the East Coast Main Line towards Abbeyhill railway station. Passenger services stopped using this line in the 1960s but briefly reopened in 1986 as a shuttle service was set up from Waverley station and Meadowbank Stadium railway station for the Commonwealth Games. Abbeyhill Junction signal box closed on 6 November 1938, when an old box at Waverley East took over control of the junction.


The junction closed in 1986 as the line was not being used any more even for freight. In 1988, the tracks were disconnected at both ends of the line. The tracks remained, overgrown, for over 18 years until 2007 when the lines were dismantled and the area where the lines were was concreted over.