Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School

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Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School
2272 Windsor Street
Abbotsford, British Columbia, V2T 6M1, Canada
Coordinates 49°02′38″N 122°21′18″W / 49.04389°N 122.35500°W / 49.04389; -122.35500 (Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School)Coordinates: 49°02′38″N 122°21′18″W / 49.04389°N 122.35500°W / 49.04389; -122.35500 (Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School)
School number 3434061
School board School District 34 Abbotsford
Principal G. Hildebrand
Vice principal M. Hendricks
Staff 20
School type Public high school
Grades 9-12
Language English
Motto Our Future, Our Responsibility
Team name Titans
Colours Red, Black and Beige
Founded 2004

Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School is a public high school in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, and is part of School District 34 Abbotsford.


The school was established in 2004. Its original building was converted from the Mountain Park Community Church, who continued to hold services there. It is thought that it was the only school with a baptistery.[1] The present premises were converted from the Career Technical Centre, and it shares the site with the Abbotsford Traditional Middle School. [2] It is home to the Dr. Marg McDonough Memorial Library [3] The school's field is also used as a football field for the local team and a field for the soccer programs in Abbotsford, it also doubles as a swimming pool for students and the swim team.

Laptop scheme[edit]

ATSS was chosen, in 2004, to trial an innovative and successful scheme to rent out laptops to all students, dubbed 'One-to-One'.[4][5]


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