Abd al-Razzaq Lahiji

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ʿAbd-Al-Razzāq B. ʿAlī B. Al-Hosayn Lāhījī was an 11th–17th-century[clarification needed] Iranian theologian, poet and philosopher.[1] His teacher in philosophy was Mulla Sadra.


He comes from Lahijan in Gilan but spent most of his life in Qom.


  • Gawhar-e morād (Tehran, 1271/1885) in Persian, a detailed exposition of his theology.
  • Sarmāya-ye īmān also another work of his in Persian
  • Dīvān of his Persian poetry
  • Tašrīqāt, containing three treatises in Persian on divine unity, justice and love.


Lāhīǰī stands at the end of a development in Islamic scholastic theology in which the thought system of kalām was gradually replaced by that of falsafa, especially that of the school of Avicenna.[1]