Abdallah Al Rowaished

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Abdallah Al Rowaishid
Also known as Abu Khalid
Origin Kuwait / Middle east
Genres Arabic music
Years active 1983–present

Abdallah Al Rowaished(Arabic: عبدالله الرويشد‎, born July 18, 1961) is an Arab singer from Kuwait. To date, he has released over 30 albums.


Abdallah Al Rowaished was born in 1961 in Kuwait. At a young age he discovered a love for [music] when he started to play the lute/oud. In 1973, Rowaishid established the Al Roba'y Al Kuwaiti group with three others, two of them being his friends and the remainder being his brother. However, the group disbanded in 1979, since then Rowaishid has focused on his solo career.

Rowaished began his solo career in the early 1980s with the release of his first album with AlNazaer Music Production Company. Additionally, Rowaishid rendered one of the songs from this album as a music video.

Rowaished released albums throughout the 1980s. During the early 1990s, Rowaishid relocated temporarily to Egypt as Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. From there he continued his music career, including a short lived project with the famous Egyptian singer Mohamed Abdelwaheb. Unfortunately, Abdelwaheb died shortly after the start of the project.

After the end of the Persian Gulf War, Rowaished returned to Kuwait and continued with his music career In 1995, he signed a contract with the Saudi record company Rotana, since they offered him a better contract to which Farasan Music Production Company was paying, so he opted for the money, which is the logical thing to do. Rowaishid's first album for Rotana was "Lummi Bishouq," which was released in 1996. His latest album, entitled "Ma Fee Ahad Mertah," was released in June 2005.

In 2001, Saudi cleric Hamoud bin Shuaib issued a fatwā against Rowaished, condemning him to death for insulting the Qur'an by allegedly including verses from its opening in his music. Kuwaiti clerics rejected the fatwā.[1]

In 2008, he recorded the theme song for the Arab Press Production Center television drama series Oyoun Alya.[2]


  • Rahalti (1983)
  • Ay Ma'aza (1984)
  • Eb Ay Haal (1985)
  • Astahmelek (1986)
  • Mas-hour (1987)
  • Rowaished 88 (1988)
  • Rowaished 89 (1989)
  • Abdullah Rowaished 1990 (1990)
  • Abdullah Rowaished 1992 (1992)
  • Abdullah Rowaished (1993)
  • Rowaished 94 (1994)
  • Ramady (1995)
  • Lemni Ebeshouq (1996)
  • Tasawer (1997)
  • Wainek (1998)
  • Sadiqini (1999)
  • Watan Omri (2000)
  • Wein Rayeh (2001)
  • Efeeni (2002)
  • Ah Ya Zeman (2003)
  • El Shoug W El Dama'a (2004)
  • Mafee A7ad Mertah (2005)
  • 2006 (2006)
  • 2008 (2008)
  • Temana (2009)
  • Laylat Omer (2010)
  • Enty Helm (2011)


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