Abdou Cherif

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Abdou Cherif
Abdou Cherif.jpg
The New Nightingale
Background information
Also known as The New Nightingale
Born Casablanca
Genres Opera, vocal, Arabic
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1997– today
Associated acts Abdel Halim Hafez
Umm Kulthum
Mohamed Abdel Wahab
Farid al-Atrash
Website www.abdoucherif.com

Abdou Cherif (also Abdou Chrif, Abdo sheriff, Abdo Shrif, Abdo Sharif, or in Arabic عبدو شريف) is an artist singer, native of the Moroccan city of Morocco, Abdou Cherif is the nephew of one of the pioneers of Arabic classical Music school : Abdelwahab Agoumi. According to the teachings of his mentor Mahmoud Saâdi [1] co-founder of the musical phenomenon of the 70s which gave birth to the mythical groups of popular music Nass El Ghiwane and Jil Jilala ref > Nass El Ghiwane et Jil Jilala en deuil : Mahmoud Saâdi n'est plus /ref>, Abdou Cherif saw his dream come true in 1999: to sing at the Khédival Cairo opera house in front of the public of his idol Abdelhalim Hafez.

Egyptians gave him the nickname of "the new nightingale", in reference to the "brown nightingale" Abdelhalim Hafez.

Abdou Cherif is one of the rare crooners still alive. He represents a disappearing race of singers

Abdou Cherif dedicates body and soul to satisfy its faithful audience; so, from Abdelhalim Hafez's repertoire, to Charles Aznavour's, or Salim Hallali's, so many schools of vocal interpretation which require control and skill. To offer to his public at every "Live" performance, a journey in the time to the golden age of the artistic expression.


Abdou Cherif’s career to date includes the following performances:

  • February 1997 : Orbit Festival of Arabic song at the Forum de Beyrouth in Beyrouth (Lebanon) ;
  • April 1997 : Closing Ceremony of the Dubai Festival in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) ;
  • August 1997 : Closing ceremony of Asilah Festival in Asilah (Morocco) ;
  • May 1999 : Tribute to Abdelhalim Hafez at the Cairo Opera House in Cairo (Egypt) ;
  • May 2002 : Nightingale Night Celebration at the Cairo Opera House in Cairo (Egypt) ;
  • February 2003 : Valentine’s Day Celebration at the Royal Pavilion BIEL in Beyrouth (Lebanon) ;
  • December 2003 : Commemoration of Abdelhalim Hafez at the Mégarama Theatre in Casablanca (Morocco) ;
  • March 2004 : Decoration of the Silver Scepter at the Cairo Theatre of the Air Force House for services to social work in Cairo (Egypt) ;
  • July 2004 : Opening Ceremony of the Cairo International Festival at the convention center in Cairo (Egypt) ;
  • June 2005 : Opening ceremony of the Festival of Mediterranean Opera Sayed Darwish in Alexandria (Egypt) ;
  • July 2005 : Rebab Golden Decoration of Folk Arts Festival at the Palace of Congress in Marrakech (Morocco) ;
  • February 2007 : Charity Evening for the benefit of the Moroccan association for the fight against cancer at the Mégarama Theatre in Casablanca (Morocco) ;
  • February 2009 : Special Valentine’s Evening under the thema “Let’s Sing Love” at the Cairo Opera House in Cairo (Egypt) ;
  • July 2010 : Tribute to Abdelhalim Hafez at the Beiteddine Festival in Beiteddine (Lebanon) ;
  • October 2012 : Inaugural concert of the Moroccan Tour 2012-2013 at the Mégarama Theatre in Casablanca (Morocco) ;
  • March 2013 : Tribute to Abdelhalim Hafez in the Moroccan Tour 2012-2013 at the Mégarama Theatre in Marrakech (Morocco) ;
  • May 2013 : Concert of fence of the Moroccan Tour 2012-2013 at the Mégarama Theatre in Casablanca (Morocco) ;

In Arabic[edit]

  • الشرق الأوسط : «زمن الحب الجميل» يجمع الفنان المغربي عبده شريف مع يسرا[1]
  • مجلة لاها : واحدة من أجمل وأقوى أمسيات 'بيت الدين'[2]
  • دار الحياة  : عبده الشريف "موهبتي ليست للبيع ولبنان جواز سفر الى العالمية "[3]
  • الاتحاد الاشتراكي  : عبده شريف.. : ما أجمل القوس حين تؤتى باريها[4]

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