Abdul Jalilul Jabbar

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Abdul Jalilul Jabbar
12th Sultan of Brunei
Reign 1659–1660[citation needed]
Predecessor Abdul Jalilul Akbar
Successor Muhammad Ali (Brunei)

Sultan Abdul Jalilul Jabbar was the twelfth sultan of Brunei. He ruled from 1659 to 1660, and was succeeded by Muhammad Ali.


The earliest historical record of the Sultans of Brunei is not clearly known due to the poor early documentation of Brunei history. In addition there has been an effort to Islamise the history, with the "official history" not matching up with verifiable foreign sources [1] The Batu Tarsilah - the genealogical record of the kings of Brunei - was not started until 1807. Therefore, much of the intepretation on history relied on earlier Chinese sources and legends.[2] It seems that the early Sultanate of Brunei was dependent on Chinese support,[2][3][4] and perhaps early Sultans were of Chinese origin[2]. Furthermore the earliest Sultans may have been practicing the Hindu or Buddhist religions, with early names indicating this origin [1].

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