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Abdulah Sidran (born 2 October 1944, in Sarajevo, SR Bosnia, SFR Yugoslavia), often referred to by his nickname Avdo, is a Bosnian writer and poet[1] who is renowned for his screenplays and dramas.[2]


His major works include Šahbaza, Bone and meat, The Sarajevo tomb (Sarajevski tabut),[3] Why is Venice sinking (Zašto tone Venecija),[4] several books of poetry, and screenplays for award-winning movies from the Former Yugoslavia, such as the Oscar-nominated When Father Was Away on Business and Do You Remember Dolly Bell?, directed by Emir Kusturica;[5] and Kuduz and The Perfect Circle, directed by Ademir Kenović.[6] His opus is characterized by a soft and soothing sensibility, where tragedy, meditativity and a specific and humorous irony change sides and play tricks on each other more often than not.

After spending most of his life in Sarajevo, Sidran recently moved to a small village near Tešanj where he currently lives. Before he moved to Tešanj, Sidran lived in Goražde.[7]


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