Abdullah Aymaz

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Abdullah Aymaz
Born 1949
Kütahya, Turkey
Pen name İsmail Yediler,Hüseyin Bayram,Safvet Senih
Occupation Writer, journalist
Genre Religion, nature of healing, Islam

Abdullah Aymaz was born in Kütahya, Turkey in 1949.[1] Once he finished his education in primary school Hacımahmut in his town.

He started living in Izmir and he visited İzmir İmam Hatip highschool. During his highschool time he had published written work in Gurbet magazine. He did his high education at İzmir Yüksek İslam Enstitüsü and he worked as a teacher in both Turkish cities: Tire and Izmir.
His career as a journalist as well as a writer started in 1988, as he started to work for the Turkish newspaper Zaman.[1]


His work using his pen name: Hüseyin Bayram

  • Zeka Tomurcuklarına Damlalar

His work using his pen name: Safvet Senih


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