Abdullah Bosnevi

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Abdullah Bosnevi (1584–1645) was a Bosnian Malamati Sufi who lived in the Ottoman period.


Bosnevi was born in Bosnia. After receiving his education there, he went to Istanbul, where he studied Islamic theology with Ottoman scholars. Because of his interest in Sufism, he traveled to Bursa, another Ottoman city, where he became a murid of Shaykh Hasan Kabaduz, a Malamati Sufi leader.

Influenced by the noted Sufi and gnostic scholar Ibn Arabi Abdullah, Bosnevi wrote books and tracts to spread information about Malamati Sufism and Wahdat al Wucud Sufi metaphysics throughout North Africa. His tracts concerned Islamic mysticism, theology and commentary on Quranic verses; his the most prominent work was the commentary on Ibn Arabi's work Fusus al Hikam.

He died in Konya.

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