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Abdullahi Yousuf (d. 1977), was an Ethiopian Oromo politician belonging to the All-Ethiopian Socialist Movement ('Meison').[1][2][3]

Abdullahi Yousuf was active in the leftist Union of Ethiopian Students in Europe, along with Haile Fida. During their student years Haile Fida and Abdullahi Yousuf made significant contributions to the development of Afaan Oromoo as a written language.[3] During the early years of the Ethiopian Revolution, he was appointed head of the Provisional Office for Mass Organizational Affairs in Hararghe. As a POMOA leader, he disarmed Shoan Christian settlers and implemented land reform in Hararghe.[1][2]

Abdullahi Yousuf was killed in August 1977, during a visit to Addis Ababa. The murder occurred in the midst of the break between Meison and the Derg.[1][2]


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