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Abdumalik Bahori (Баҳорӣ Абдумалик, 22 March 1927 Leninabad, USSR - 3 December 2010, Dushanbe, Tajikistan) was children poet and the first Tajik fiction writer. He was born in the middle-class family who worked in the field of silk producing industry. He graduated Leninabad Pedagogical Institute known Khujand State University in 1946.

Bahori was a writer who predicted cell phones and possible cloning of human.[1]

  • Dili beqaror - Дили беқарор 1962
  • Qarzi juragi - Қарзи ҷӯрагӣ
  • Ajoiboit Nodar - Аҷоиботи Нодар 1972
  • Sunbula - Сунбула 1974


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