Abell 70

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Abell 70
As seen from Mount Lemmon Sky Center
Observation data
(Epoch J2000)
Right ascension 20h 31m 33.2s
Declination −07° 05′ 17″
Constellation Aquila
Physical characteristics
Notable features A background galaxy gives it a "diamond ring" effect
Other designations PK 038-25.1, PN G 38.1-25.4
See also: Planetary nebula, Lists of nebulae

Abell 70 is a planetary nebula located 13,500-17,500 light years away in the constellation of Aquila. It is approaching the earth at 79 kilometers per second and expanding 38 kilometers per second. There is a galaxy named PMN J2033-0656 behind Abell 70, giving it a diamond ring affect.

Central Star[edit]

The central star of Abell 70 is a binary star consisting of a white dwarf and a barium star.


Seen through a telescope, you can see the faint OIII ring structure.


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