Aber bitte mit Sahne

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Aber Bitte mit Sahne
EP by Sodom
Released 1993
Genre Thrash metal
Length 10:11
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Producer Sodom and Wolf G. Stach
Sodom chronology
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Aber Bitte mit Sahne
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Aber Bitte mit Sahne is an EP by Sodom. The title track is a cover of the 1975 song of the same name by the Austrian chansonier Udo Jürgens. Its title translates into English as "But Please With Cream" (word by word). According to the context, this phrase should be translated to "But with whipped cream, please."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Aber Bitte mit Sahne"   Eckart Hachfeld / Wolfgang Spahr 3:17
2. "Sodomized"   Sodom/ Tom Angelripper 2:39
3. "Abuse"   Sodom/ Tom Angelripper 1:43
4. "Skinned Alive '93"   Dudek, Brings, Such 2:30
Total length:


  • Tom Angelripper – vocals/bass guitar
  • Andy Brings – guitars
  • Atomic Steif  – drums