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Aber Whitcomb (born 1977) is the CTO of Social Gaming Network, formerly known as MindJolt. As CTO of Social Gaming Network (SGN), a multiplatform game developer and distributor, Aber Whitcomb oversees the cross-platform technology strategy and plays an important role in developing and operating SGN titles on a global scale. Whitcomb is a recognized expert in large scale computing, networking and storage and frequently speaks on these topics at industry events.[1][2]

Prior to SGN, Whitcomb’s most recent role was CTO and co-founder of MySpace where he was responsible for the engineering and technical operations groups.[3] InfoWorld named Whitcomb as one of the “Top 25 CTOs of 2009.”[4]

Whitcomb is a co-founder of i/o Ventures, an early stage startup program that focuses heavily on mentorship.[5] He graduated from the University of Washington and was born and raised in Bellingham, WA.