Aberdeen Lifeboat Station

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Aberdeen Lifeboat Station
RNLI Lifeboat station
Country Scotland, UK
State Aberdeenshire
City Aberdeen
Location Victoria Dock Entrance, Waterloo Quay Aberdeen, Scotland AB11 5DF, UK
 - coordinates 57°8′38.388″N 2°4′49.858″W / 57.14399667°N 2.08051611°W / 57.14399667; -2.08051611Coordinates: 57°8′38.388″N 2°4′49.858″W / 57.14399667°N 2.08051611°W / 57.14399667; -2.08051611
Owner Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Visitation Visitors Welcome
Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen Lifeboat Station is a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) marine-rescue facility in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. Aberdeen was one of the first lifeboat stations to be established in Scotland, it was founded in 1802.[1]

The station is currently equipped with a Severn-class lifeboat, the Bon Accord and a D-class (IB1) inshore lifeboat, the James Bissett Simpson.[1]


No. 1 Station - All Weather Boats[edit]

Dates in service Class ON Op. No. Name Comments
1802–1820 Greathead-class 10 Oar Run by Harbour Commission
No lifeboat
1841–1857 30ft Pulling Run by Harbour Commission
1857–1924 Self-Righting Pulling Bon Accord I Run by Harbour Commission
1925–1926 Watson-class (Pulling & Sailing) ON 505 William Roberts
1926–1951 Barnett-class ON 693 Emma Constance
1951–1958 Barnett-class ON 889 HiltBriggs
1958–1976 Barnett-class ON 944 Ramsay Dyce
1976–1998 Arun-class ON 1050 52-05 B.P. Forties
1998–2000 Arun-class ON 1135 52-39 Mickie Salvesen
2000–present Severn-class ON 1248 17-24 Bon Accord

No. 2 Station - All Weather Boats (Beach/Surf)[edit]

Dates in service Class ON Name Comments
1875–1924 Self-Righting Pulling Bon Accord II Run by Harbour Commission
1925–1939 Rubie-class Self-Righter (Pulling) ON 669 Robert and Ellen Robson
1939–1962 Liverpool-class Motor ON 827 George and Elizabeth Gow

Inshore lifeboats[edit]

Dates in service Class Op. No. Name Comments
1968–1981 D-class (RFD PB16) D-168 Unnamed
1981–1989 D-class (Zodiac III) D-281 Sewing Machine Times
1989–1998 D-class (EA16) D-386 Trevor Edwin Jones
1998–2000 D-class (EA16) D-536 Margaret II
2000–present D-class (IB1) D-694 James Bissett Simpson


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