Abernant, Carmarthenshire

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For the racehorse, see Abernant (horse).

Abernant is a community in Carmarthenshire, Wales.


Abernant is a small hamlet located four miles north west of the traditional county town of Carmarthen.

History & Amenities[edit]

It has a parish church and a small primary school.

Abernant has the oldest and vastest graveyard in Wales.[citation needed]

Abernant is situated near Talog, Bwlchnewydd and Cynwyl Elfed, all of which have more facilities than Abernant.

Abernant used to have a pub and a post office, but due to the ever decreasing number of residents these no longer exist.

Coordinates: 51°52′53″N 4°25′00″W / 51.88139°N 4.41667°W / 51.88139; -4.41667