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Aberration french dvd cover.jpg
French DVD cover
Directed by Tim Boxell
Produced by Chris Brown
Tim Sanders
Written by Darrin Oura
Scott Lew
Starring Pamela Gidley
Simon Bossell
Valery Nikolaev
Helen Moulder
Norman Forsey
Music by David Donaldson
Cinematography Allen Guilford
Editing by John Gilbert
Distributed by Grundy Films
Victor Film Company
Release dates September 11, 1997 (Sweden)
Running time 93 minutes
Country  New Zealand
 United States
Language English
Budget NZD 4,000,000

Aberration is a 1997 film directed by Tim Boxell. It was set in the United States and shot in New Zealand, and stars Pamela Gidley as a woman who moves to her old childhood cabin in the woods, only to discover that it is overrun by a pack of murderous lizard-like creatures.


A local field researcher named Marshall Clarke (Simon Bossell) is investigating the disappearing of local wildlife, and finds slimy residue from a fence post. Meanwhile, a woman named Amy Harding (Pamela Gidley) moves to her old cabin in the woods of Langdon, where she spent her family holidays as a child, along with her cat, Frankie, and two goldfishes. In the morning, Amy cleans, and fits up her cabin. She goes to eats some cake, and discovers that something has been in it. Outside, she meets Mr. Peterson (Norman Forsey), looking for his dog Florence, that was killed by an unseen creature, he tells her to get out of Langdon.

She goes to the general store owned by Mrs. Miller (Helen Moulder), Amy asks her for some mouse traps, but she says that their all out of stock. She buy some groceries, and insect spray. Back at the cabin, she discovers that Frankie's blow is empty, and she gives him can food. As she takes a bath, the lights goes out, she goes to her shed to check the generator, slimy residue falls into her hair, and she goes to wash it out. She tells Frankie to guard the cabin, as she goes to the general store again. She buys all mouse traps for $22.00, and a Poison sprayer that Mrs. Miller loans to her. She meets Marshall Clarke, an oddball animal biologist who helps drive her to her cabin when her car breaks down. As they get back to the cabin, they search the kitchen, something bites Amy's hand, and Marshall discovers the remains of Amy's cat Frankie on the bathroom floor. He discovers foot prints on the fish tank, and he shows Amy that he caught one of the creatures what appears to be a lizard. As Marshall, and Amy talk, she sees a lizard crawling around, Marshall tries to catch it, Amy sprays it with the poison sprayer, and kills it. Marshall says the creature is a mutant gecko that can spit blinding venom to paralyze its prey. As he, and Amy go outside, now snowing, they drive away, and crash.

Amy tells Marshall that Mr. Peterson lives down the road. They arrive at Mr. Peterson's cabin, they find his dead body being eaten by the lizards. Amy lights some matches, throws them into an oven, and blows the cabin up. Amy, and Marshall see Mr. Peterson's truck also blows up. They make it back to the cabin, and take a rest on the couch in the living room. Marshall looks into his backpack, and discovers that the lizard has escaped. Amy goes to fetch her rifle from her bedroom, and hands it to Marshall. Suddenly, a tree branch breaks through the window, and Marshall shoots it multiple times. Amy hammers a table onto the window to prevent the cold. She smells something burning, and finds a lizard underneath the heater. Marshall picks it up, and takes into the kitchen to examine it. He discovers that the creature has been eating the local wildlife, and was pregnant. They start looking for the eggs, and Marshall accidentally breaks the handle on the poison sprayer. Amy fetches a water gun from her bedroom, and puts the poison core on it. They go into the bedroom, and discover tracks under the bed. A lizard leaps out of the closet, Marshall chases it in the living room firing multiple rounds. Amy grabs the gun from him, searches for the lizard underneath the couch, and shoots it in the head. They go into bedroom again, and find one egg left. Amy throws it, and stomps it on the floor. Marshall says that there are two lizards left. They wait in the living room, where they notice the lizards are up in the attic. Marshall uses a ladder and water hose to lure the lizards out. Amy hear the lizards moving in the walls. Marshall grabs the gun, and puts three holes in the wall with it. He uses the water hose in the walls, a lizard breaks out, Amy fires three rounds at it, and bullets don't effect its skin. The lizard charges them, leaps onto Marshall, he falls on the floor with the lizard biting and scratching him. Amy grabs the water hose, and sprays it off him. Marshall grabs a chair, the lizard spits its venom in his eyes, then he crutches it multiple times. Amy takes Marshall into the kitchen, and nurses him back to health. She uses a piece of chicken as bait for the last lizard with string tied to it. The lizard shows up, grabs the chicken, and the string breaks. Amy runs out of the closet, grabs it, throws it into the fish tank, and it eats the fishes. Its tail starts to grab her, and she stomps it. The lizard starts to grows gills, Amy throws a lamp into the tank, and electrocutes it. She goes up into the attic, she find the eggs, and hammers them. Amy, and Marshall fall asleep.

In the morning, Marshall wakes up hearing music coming from a car, he goes outside where he meets Amy's ex-boyfriend Uri Romanov (Valery Nikolaev), Uri grabs Marshall by the nose, and orders him to leave. Marshall tries to stop him, but Uri knocks him out on the ground. Amy wakes up, sees lizards hatching inside the closet, she crushes them with a shoe, she runs out of the bedroom, and sees Uri. Amy grabs a butcher knife, and tries to kill him. But, Uri grabs her, and puts her on the kitchen counter. He asks her where his money is. Suddenly Marshall shows up with the rifle in his hands. Uri pulls out a pistol, points it at him, and tells him Amy's real name is "Alex Langdon". Amy tells Uri that the money is in the bedroom closet, when he goes into bedroom, and he discovers that she tricked him. He puts Marshall, and Amy on the bed, and prevents them. Suddenly, lizards attack, Uri kills them with his guns, asks Amy where the money is, and she says it is in the attic. Marshall goes up to fetch the money belt, he receives it, and throws it down on the floor. Uri picks it up, says that it is wet, and a bit light. Amy sprays him in the face with insect spray. They shove him into the fireplace, and eggs fall on his head. A lizard breaks out of his mouth, and Amy shoots him in the face. She gives Marshall the pistol, he goes dumping gas in bedroom, and the kitchen where more lizards appear. Amy looks into the money belt, a lizard pops out, and she screams. Marshall throws the gas can into the oven, and shoots it three times. His clothes catch on fire, Amy puts out the fire, the money also burns, and they both escape into Uri's car as the cabin burns. The car starts to breaks down, Marshall goes to the hood, and sees eggs hatching in it. Suddenly, lizards start biting Amy in the car. Marshall tells her to unlock the door when she accidentally lock herself in. He picks a cigar that Amy smoked a little earlier, throws it into the gas tank, and blows the car up killing the lizards.

Marshall carries an unconscious Amy through the snow to the general store and meet up with Mrs. Miller. He finds a lizards' tail sticking out of Amy's leg. He grabs a pair of scissors, and matches to heat them up. He sticks the scissors into her leg. He tells Mrs. Miller to put out the scissors, she pulls them out, Marshall pulls the lizard out of Amy's leg, and she screams high-pitch. He goes around looking with a shovel (since he knows that Mrs. Miller does not sell guns in her store), he accidentally shuts the lights off. Mrs. Miller goes to fetch a flashlight, and gets killed by the lizard. Marshall grabs a broom, put gas fuel on it, lights it on fire, and puts on sunglasses. As he goes around looking for the lizard, the lizard spits its venom at his glasses, and he takes them off. He catches the lizard, and backs it into the wall, burning it. Suddenly, as he walks away, the lizard spits its venom, and puts the fire out. The lizard charges him, he finds a flare gun. Before he can get a chance, the lizard leaps onto him, starts biting, and scratching him. Suddenly, Amy shows up, grabs the flare gun, shoots the lizard in the mouth, and blows it up. She, and Marshall collapse on the floor, and kiss.




The film has received a mixed critical reception. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it has received one positive and two negative reviews.[1] Jessica Mellor at the News of the World has said the film is "absolutely excellent entertainment...a startling and scary cheeky treat". Video World has said that the film is "a rampaging, monster-packed, jugular-piercing fear flick". Impact has said that the film has "laughs, loves & lizards from hell...what more could you ask for?!". Samhain has said "size doesn't matter...these lizards are lethal", and Starburst has said there is "gore galore in this intriguing creature-feature". Efilmcritic.com has said that "for ninety three minutes, this is one long dull boring film".[2]

Home Video[edit]

The film has been released on VHS and DVD format. Unfortunately, the film is almost impossible to find. It made its release in the U.S. on VHS on March 30, 1999 by Artisan Entertainment.[3] It also made a UK release in 1998 by Marquee Pictures. The film has never been made available in the U.S. or UK on DVD.

The DVD has been released in other countries such as, Japan on December 22, 2000 by Adoba Pictures, with both English and Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo tracks and an aspect ratio of 4:3.[4] The DVD is also available in France,[5] and Norway, in which the Norwegian DVD has the original English language, but the Norwegian subtitles are not removable. The DVD also made its release in Germany on May 15, 2012 titled as "Echsenjagd", with both English and German Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo tracks.


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