Ability (manhwa)

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Cover of Ability volume 1
Cover of Ability volume 1
Genre Fantasy, Action (fiction), Supernatural fiction
Author Son Jae Ho
Illustrator Lee Gwang Su
Publisher Naver
Magazine Naver
Original run 2012
Collected volumes 1

Ability (Korean: 어빌리티?) is a webtoon written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang Su. Started on 2012, the webtoon manhwa was released on Naver and is still publishing. The author and artist of Ability also created the manhwa Noblesse.


Under the backdrop of a city with a mysterious killer on the loose, story introduces to an exceptional young Cafe owner, who possess the ability of rapid healing along with heightened physical abilities. The story begins with his encounter with a strange looking little girl who asks to borrow his phone. He gladly obliges but, as he is appreciating the evening breeze, the girl's hat is blown off and she chases it out into traffic. He dives in front of the child to protect her and is hit by a truck. Some distance away a jewel cracks and a shadowy figure celebrates finding something.[1]


Han Yu-Hwa[edit]

Han Yu-Hwa is the main protagonist of the series. After saving Su-Jin Ji from a truck accident and an Another, he is drawn into the world of supernatural.Yu-Hwa has average looks of a youth. His blonde hair is tied back in ponytail. He wears metal earrings on both ears. Irrationally selfless, he throws himself into life or death situations with almost no regard for his own well being, doing what he can to assist someone. Back when he was a kid, his contemporaries threw him out, once they noticed his unusual ability. He has stayed away from any sort of company since then.


Sa-Ryu is the primary antagonist in the series. He saves Han Yu-Hwa from an Another, and helps him develop his abilities. Han Yu-Hwa believes this as an act of selflessness, but in reality, Sa-Ryun is only helping him develop his abilities so that he can steal them later on.

Su-Jin Ji[edit]

Su-Jin Ji (also called as "The Young Lady") is the head of Hon. At the start of series, She is saved by Han Yu-Hwa. She looks like a child in her early tens. She has a short figure with long brown hairs.


Mase is a mysterious character running the Hon. He acts as a protector to Su-Jin Ji, the head of Hon.

Ye Rin[edit]

Ye Rin is high-ranking member of Hon and shows a small attraction towards Han Yu-Hwa. Has ability to see 'foot prints' left behind by spiritual energy and uses hand to hand combat.


Un is a high-ranking member of Hon and is seen protecting Han Yu-Hwa quite often along with Yu Rin. Un uses a pair of tonfa like weapons to channel his energy into to make more concentrated and deadly attacks.


Set in a fantasy world, Another is a type of supernatural beings live among normal people. People don't see their real appearance, though their look can be really different and inhuman. Another's have special powers. Another seem to have difficult relationship with each other. The Strong can eat the weak to obtain power.


Ability- 'Anothership'. Power inside Another, non-human beings. Abilities vary differently from each Another which includes physical(regeneration, healing, strengthening, etc.) and magical(energy balls, electricity stealing, extra-smelling, step-seeing, etc.).

Anothers- nonhuman creatures that live among humans. In the eyes of human beings Another look like fellow humans but they have animal ears, fangs, eyes or a totally non-human appearance.

Orb- An essence of an Another's power. A sphere that remains after an Another's death holds only part of its power. Another can consume this sphere to obtain power, only a part of a sphere's power will be gained by the taker. Only Anothers and half-breeds(and Yu-Hwa as an exception) can consume spheres.

Extremely Dangerous List- A list of extremely dangerous Anothers and half-breeds whose powers are much stronger than the average Another. Usually they have enormous defense and often some kind of 'special-attacks'.

Pandora's Box- An ancient artifact with the power to reload a world.



Hon is an organisation headed by Su Jin to protect weaker Anothers. While providing a policy of non-harming weaker ones, Hon has a plenty of enemies among other organisations. Authorities in human world know about the existence of Hon.


Atran is an organisation that acts under a motto of strong rules over the weaker ones. Atran oppose Hon's work. Sa-Ryun previously worked in Atran.


Ruled by Jacra. Some aggressive-type group, still not connected to Atran.


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