Abkhazian constitutional referendum, 1999

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The 1999 Abkhazian constitutional referendum took place on 3 October 1999 at the same time as presidential elections in the then-internationally unrecognised Republic of Abkhazia. The referendum asked the population to vote on the constitution adopted in 1994. Ethnic Georgians who had been expelled from Abkhazia during the conflict of 1992-93 did not participate in the referendum and the referendum was not recognised internationally.[1]


Out of 219,534 officially registered voters, 97.7% voted in support on an 87.6% turnout which was 58.5% of the pre-war number of voters.[2]

e • d Summary of the 3 October 1999 Abkhazian constitutional referendum results
Result Votes %
Agree with the proposal 97.7
Reject the proposal 2.3
Total 100.00
Invalid votes
Total votes cast (turnout: 87.6%)
Registered voters 219,534


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