Abkhazian parliamentary election, 2002

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On 2 March 2002, Abkhazia held parliamentary elections for the third convocation of the People's Assembly. The elections had originally been scheduled for 24 November 2001, but had to be postponed due to the October 2001 Chechen incursion into the lower Kodori Valley.[1] In the run-up of the election, the Central Election Commission refused registration to four candidates, among which outgoing Vice-Speaker and Hero of Abkhazia Ruslan Kharabua. In consequence, 16 other candidates withdrew, including the following 14 representatives of opposition movement Aitaira and the People's Party:[2]

  • Irina Agrba
  • Izida Chania
  • Iakub Lakoba
  • Dalila Pilia
  • Viktor Bartsyts
  • Vadim Smyr
  • Leonid Lakerbaia
  • Roman Geria
  • Zurab Otyrba
  • Appolon Shinkuba
  • Oleg Damenia
  • Valeri Bigvava
  • Gennady Alamia
  • Natella Akaba

As a result, there remained only 63 candidates in 35 constituencies, 12 of which stood unopposed, 18 constituencies had two candidates and five constituencies three. Of the candidates, 45 were ethnically Abkhaz, seven Russian, five Armenian, three Georgian, one Greek, one Kabardin and one Cherkes. Four were women, the rest men.[2][3] In 5 districts, no candidate achieved a first round majority and a second round was held.[4]

The estimated turn-out was 61%.

The election in district no. 2 in Sukhumi was judged to be invalid by the local election commission, and a rerun was held on 23 June. In the original election, there had been two candidates, Leonid Osia and Garik Samanba, but only Samanba participated in the rerun.[5][6]


e • d Summary of the 2 March 2002 Abkhazian People's Assembly election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Communist Party of Abkhazia   ?
Revival (Aitara)   ?
Signal Lights (Amtsakhara)   ?
Republican Party   ?
United Abkhazia   ?
Independents   ?
Total (turnout  %)   35