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Aboniteichos (Greek: Ἀβώνου τεῖχος, demonym: Ἀβωνοτειχίτης; Turkish: İnebolu) was a town on the coast of Paphlagonia, memorable as the birthplace of the impostor Alexander, of whom Lucian has left us an amusing account in the treatise bearing his name.[1] According to Lucian, Alexander petitioned the emperor (probably Antoninus Pius) that the name of his native place should be changed from Aboniteichos to Ionopolis; and whether the emperor granted the request or not, we know that the town was called Ionopolis in later times.[2] Not only does this name occur in Marcian of Heraclea[3] and Hierocles,[4] but on coins of the time of Antoninus and Lucius Verus we find the legend Ionopoliton (Ἰωνοπολιτῶν), as well as Abonoteichiton (Ἀβωνοτειχιτῶν). The modern İnebolu is evidently only a corruption of Ionopolis.[5][6][7][8]

It was the site of a 2nd-century AD temple of Apollo.[9]


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