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"Abortion Law Reform Association" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand.

Abortion Rights is the new name for the Abortion Law Reform Association. It is an advocacy organisation founed in the United Kingdom in 1936 by Janet Chance, Alice Jenkins and Joan Malleson that promotes access to abortion in the United Kingdom. It campaigned effectively after World War II for the elimination of legal obstacles to abortion and the peak of its work was the Abortion Act 1967.

In Autumn, 2003, ALRA combined with the more radical pro-choice group, National Abortion Campaign (founded in the 1970s to defend the Abortion Act against pro-life efforts), to form Abortion Rights.

Abortion Law Reform Association may also refer to similar groups in other countries, such as the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) founded in 1970.

Position Statements[edit]

Abortion Rights is a campaigning organisation and have issued three position statements:

Statement on late abortions. This advocates the legalisation of abortions up to full-term.[1]

Statement on disability and abortion. This statement recognises the rights of disabled people[2]

Statement on sex-selection abortion. This advocated the decriminalisation of sex selective abortion[3]


Abortions Rights funds come from donations and membership from individuals. A proportion of their income also comes from affiliated groups. These affiliated groups include:[4][5][6]


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