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Abraham Theodor Berge
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Personal details
Born (1851-08-20)20 August 1851
Died 10 July 1936(1936-07-10) (aged 84)

Abraham Theodor Berge (20 August 1851 – 10 July 1936) was a Norwegian politician representing Venstre, the social liberal party, and later Frisinnede Venstre, a right-of-centre party. Born in Lyngdal in present-day Vest-Agder, he was Prime Minister of Norway from 1923 to 1924.

A teacher by profession, Berge started his political career in Lista in the present-day municipality of Farsund, where he was in 1882 elected mayor. From here he went on to the Norwegian Parliament in 1891. He served, in different periods, as both Church Minister and Minister of Finance. Then, after a 10-year absence from politics, he became again Minister of Finance, and later also Prime Minister, when sitting Prime Minister Otto Bahr Halvorsen died. He resigned this post as the result of the defeat in a vote to lift prohibition.

In 1926 he was, as the only Norwegian Prime Minister ever, impeached. The charge was withholding information relating to the government rescue of a bank threatened by bankruptcy. He was, however, acquitted in 1927, along with the six ministers who stood trial alongside him.

Books by Abraham Berge:

  • Listerlandets kystværn og kaperfart 1807-14 (Tønsberg 1914) and Lista. En bygdebok (Tønsberg 1926). Both books reprinted 2006 by Klokkhammer Forlag AS.
Political offices
Preceded by
Otto Bahr Halvorsen
Prime Minister of Norway
Succeeded by
Johan Ludwig Mowinckel