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Abraham Bzowski (Bzovius) (1567–1637) was a Polish Dominican historian. He carried on the work of Baronius. The Catholic Encyclopedia calls his contributions for 1198 to 1571 "less notable" than some of other continuators,[1] namely Raynaldus, Laderchi, and August Theiner.

In 1630 Bzovius funded a scholarship for Polish students at the College of St Thomas, the future Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Angelicum.[2]


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  • Vita Beati Ceslai Odrovantii (Cracow, 1608), life of Ceslas Odrowaz
  • Annales Ecclesiastici, (Cologne, 1625-1630 volumes) full title Annalium Ecclesiasticorum post illustriss. et Reverendiss. Dom. Caesarem Baronium S. R. E. Cardinalem Bibliothecarium etc.
  • De vita Pauli V (Rome, 1625)]