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Abraham George Thomas (born July 26, 1950) is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, specializing in microsurgery from India.


Dr Abraham Thomas, born In Tamarasserry, Calicut, Kerala had all his medical education at Christian Medical College Ludhiana.He trained in Surgery under Dr Eggleston and Plastic Surgery under Dr Feierabend and Dr Bindra. He was trained in microvascular surgery by Marko Godina another famous microsurgeon from Yugoslavia. In 1994 in Christian Medical College Ludhiana, he successfully reattached the avulsed face (near total) and scalp of a nine-year-old girl, Sandeep Kaur.[1][2] This achievement has recently been recognised by American College of Surgeons by incorporating Dr Thomas in their 100 year’s timeline for achievements in Surgery.[3] Dr. Thomas attached the arteries, veins and nerves successfully and almost the entire face and scalp survived. The girl had near complete recovery of the muscles of her face.Sandeep continued her studies after recovery and she is an accomplished, registered Nurse at the hospital.

Positions held[edit]

Sandeep Kaur before the accident

He has served as:[4]


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