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Abrakebabra Brand Logo

Abrakebabra is an Irish fast-food restaurant franchise chain owned by Abrakebabra Investments, established in 1982. When the first Abrakebabra restaurant was opened in Rathmines in Dublin, it attracted a young market because of its late opening hours and novel menu including kebabs and taco fries.

It has over 55 franchisees with an annual turnover of over €30 million. It is owned in partnership with entrepreneur Graeme Beere and promoter Denis Desmond. An expansion into the United Kingdom failed, and those restaurants closed.

Abrakebabra Investments won franchise of the year in 2008 and 2009, awarded by the Irish Franchise Association.


The menu in Abrakebabra consists mainly of kebabs, baguettes, hamburgers, wraps, chips and fried chicken. The chain introduced a Mexican menu at the start of 2010, including fajitas, burritos, hot wings, nachos, and quesadillas. It has recently[when?] launched an Abrasaver Menu with items ranging from €1 to €3.

In 2012, Abrakebabra introduced a new menu to compliment its new branding, keeping many original items and adding new options such as Flatbread Wraps, Loaded Fries, Pulled Pork and more.

Gold card[edit]

The Abrakebabra gold card allows the recipient free food for life. It is sent unexpectedly through the post. Singer Cheryl Cole received a gold card after telling a radio station that Abrakebabra's kebabs were the best.[1] Comedian Alan Carr received a gold card after name-checking Abrakebabra in his Chatty Man show.[1]


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