Abrisham Bridge

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Coordinates: 35°45′04″N 51°25′07″E / 35.750992°N 51.418499°E / 35.750992; 51.418499

Abrisham Bridge
Abrisham Bridge - Night view

Abrisham Bridge (Persian: پل ابریشم‎: pronounced "Pol-e Abrisham", meaning "The Silk Bridge"), is a suspension bridge in Tehran, Iran, the first of its kind in that capital. It is located about 100 meters south of the IRISL tower, and bridges the urban highway Hemmat Expressway. The bridge is located in the district of Abbas Abad in the north of the city. It extends in a north-south direction, and is intended solely for pedestrian traffic. It connects two large parks (Water and Fire Park (Persian: بوستان آب و آتش‎, pronounced "Boustan-e Aab o Aatash"); and Nowruz Park, (Persian: بوستان نوروز‎, pronounced "Boustan-e Nowruz").

Abrisham Bridge was designed in the late 2000s, and built by local Iranian contractors. The company was a major associate with a Chinese manufacturer of cables Liuzhou OVM. The bridge structure comprises sloping pylons on its north side. The footpath is reserved by 20 cables composed of 12 wires, symmetrically distributed on both sides. The length of the longest cable is 53 meters, and the shortest 20 m; pylon height is 39.55 m; the width of the bridge is 10.5 m, and its greatest span is 132.85 m.


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