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For the island in Estonia with old German name Abro, see Abruka.
ابڑو ابڙو أبرهة
Sindhi, Siraiki and Balochi
Allah-green.svg Islam
Related ethnic groups
Sindhi, Baloch
ابڙو وڏوڙو سوڙو' سمو' سونهن سڀن

The Abro, Abra or Abrah (Urdu: ابڑو‎), (Sindhi ابڙو), (Arabic أبرهة) is a division of the Samma tribe, found in Sindh, Balochistan and the southern Punjab provinces of Pakistan. The majority of the tribe live in all of the districts of Sindh and in Balochistan Sibi, Nasirabad, Jaffarabad, kachhi/Bolan District, Khuzdar, Lasbela and Mastung districts. Abro's are ancient warriors and saviors. In the name of justice it's in their blood to fightback against injustice

According to some traditions, Abro are descendants of Sam (Shem), the eldest of the three surviving sons of the prophet Nuh (Noah). descendants of Sam, the son of Umar, son of Hashim, son of Abu Lahab, an uncle of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (SAW), Banu Hashim, Quraishi. Abro is a Samma tribe, settled in Balochistan as well as the Sindh province of Pakistan. During the rule of Kalhora Dynasty in Sindh (1701 to 1783 CE) the Abro and Airi tribe were the ruling tribes of Kachhi (Bhag). Mian Sháh Alí better known as Sháhal Muhammad, the Kalhora king, gave important jobs to the Abro tribe in the state and divided it among his children and brothers. He himself selected his residence in the village of Habibani. Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro started his career from this small village with the support of the Abro tribe who remained a powerful force behind him. Sardar Khabar Abro, was the first person to enrol as his follower. This small village became the centre for learning for the Mehdvis.

There are also traditions that the Samma are clan of Muslim Rajputs.

                                                        ابڙو وڏوڙو  سوڙو' سمو' سونهن سڀن
                                                        تنهن در سڀ اچن كنڌ نه كڍي كڇ ڙڻي
                                                       (شاھ عبدالطيف ڀٽائيِ )
family tree of abro

Family Tree[edit]

Family Tree of Samma Kings: The period of Samma rule in Sindh is considered a period of literary and cultural heights. Two centuries later, the famous Sufi poet Shah Latif was still singing their praises in `Sur Bilawal'. When Alauddin came astride his furious elephants, Jam Abro tied his shield and the whole field shone with sabres. The Samma came to the rescue of damsels in distress - and then all was well.

In the ancient Abro tradition, Saam (protection) was in vogue. The following contemporary evidence exists. Abro, the protector of Soomra womenfolk in Dastan Dodo-. Chanesar, says:

'"Sultan Alaudin marched with a huge force, None could dare to face him, who would bear his strokes? To save Soomra womens' honour, saddled his camel brave Abro.To redress and protect the helpless ones, he rose, No tax would be paid by those, who his guidance chose. Others gave up their proteges but not the mountain king, Protector of strangers, how could he give up those known to him? This brave leader saved many supplicants, who came to his door Abro is the greatest refuge of all supplicants, He gave up all rest, to attend to the call of complainants, He is the care-taker of the suppressed, and the weak. Abro amidst all other leaders, a forest's shady tree resembles, The plains where this skilled one went, none before traversed. Compassionate and generous Abro, is the best of all leaders, Many come to him, this king of Katch avoids them not"

International Abro Welfare Association Pakistan[edit]

The main aim of this organization is to unite youth generation. This organization was founded by Sindh Abro Welfare Association [registered] established in 1972. its main aim is to strive for education, health & jobs. Aims to help the widows and orphans. It helps to sought out conflicts and quarrels between different tribes. It promotes a peace full environment, by looking after everyone without any sort of racism. Provides a platform for youth to get engaged and understand the history and background of Sindhis.


Notable people[edit]

  • Nusrat Hussain Abro * نصرت حسين ابڙو II (1st December,1938 - 22nd January 2004) famous writer ابڙو نصرت حسين: نصرت حسين ابڙو شڪارپور ضلعي جي ڳوٺ مدئجيءَ ۾ پهرين ڊسمبر 1938ع ۾ ڄائو، شروعاتي -تعليم- پنهنجي علائقي جي اسڪول ۾ حاصل ڪيائين. -ان- بعد سنڌ جي سُڌ سماءُ واري کاتي ۾ ملازمت شروع ڪيائين ۽ اتان ڊائريڪٽر جي عهدي -تان- ريٽائر ڪيائين. نصرت حسين 22 -جنوري- 2004ع ۾ هن فاني دنيا مان لاڏاڻو ڪري ويو. نصرت ابڙي سنڌي، -اردو- ۽ -انگريزي- اخبارن ۾ سنڌ جي مختلف ماڳن ۽ شخصيتن جي -باري- ۾ مضمون لکيا. سندس ڪتاب ”ڪراچي روشنين جو شهر“ مشهور آهي. هن هڪ ٻيو ڪتاب ’سنڌ جا ڪالم نگار‘ جي نالي سان پڻ آهي. هن شاهه لطيف جي تڪين تي سٺو مواد جمع ڪيو هو جيڪو ڇپائي نه سگهيو، پاڻ مدئجي لڳ شاهه لطيف جي تڪئي جو سنڀاليندڙ به هو.
  • Jam Nizamuddin II (866–914 AH, 1461–1508 AD): the most famous Sultan of the Samma Dynasty
  • Sardar Darya Khan (926 AH, 1519 AD): buried in Gerello, in the Larkana District, Darya Khan was the commander of a Samma army and commanded the battles against the Airguns of Kandahar.
  • Jamal Abro: famous writer
  • Allama Ali Khan Abro: scholar
  • Badaruddin Abro: Former Vice President Chamber of Commerce, Ex-Taluka Nazim Warah, A well known Personality of Larkana Distt
  • Sohai Ali Abro: Actress
  • Suhaee Abro: Model
  • Zulfiqar Kamariyo: Abro Chief
  • Hubdar Abro: Poet
  • Sardar Nawab Khan Mungarni: (1885AD - 1935AD) He was ideologically like his elders (anti establishment) but non political.However He had very and cardial personal relations with "Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi", "Mahatama Gandhi","Maulana Mohd. Ali Johar", "Mirza Qaleech Baig". He was sent to Andaman Island Kalapani in 1931 - 1933.
  • Siraj Uddin Abro: Chairman, Dist: Zakat & Ushar Committiee, Qambar Shehdadkot.
  • Imran Ahmed Khan Abro: Oxford University.
  • Arsalan Abro: Abro Chief
  • Sardar Ayub Khan Mungrani: (1905AD - 1984AD) He was recognised by the Tribal Chiefs as the "Custodian of the Jirgas".
  • Arbab Khan Mungrani: (1922AD - 1985AD)He is known as one of the pioneers of mechanised agriculture in Upper Sindh and Baluchistan.
  • Hafiz-ul-milat Hafiz Muhammad Siddique Of Bhar Chandi:Famous Religious scholar and Saint.
  • Allama Ali Khan Abro: Notable Religious Scholar .
  • Jamal Abro: Famous Writer and Intellectual.
  • Professor Dr Elyas Abro: Ex vice chancellor University of Sindh.
  • Dr.Ahad Abro:(Hila-e-Pakistan) Ex Vice chancellor Mehran Engineering University, Jamshoro.
  • Professor Dr.Rafique Ahmed Abro: Ex Pro- Vice chancellor Mehran Engineering University, Jamshoro.
  • Professor Sabah Abro: Lawrence Technological University Southfield, Michigan United States.
  • Capt. Abdul Rashid Abro: Chairman of the Standing Committee on Ports and Shipping of the FPCCI, former Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Ship *Agents' Association and CEO of Transport Service International (Pvt) Ltd,.
  • Tariq Alam Abro: Writer.
  • Badar Abro:(Hilal-e-Pakistan)writer, Archaeologist and Journalist.
  • Abdul Jabbar Abro: Ex Member Provincial Assembly Sindh by Pakistan Peoples Party.
  • Hashim Abro: President Pakistan Intellectual Forum Islamabad.
  • Mazhar Abro: story writer and novelist.
  • Sardar Himmat Ali Khan Kamario: Ex Member Provincial Assembly Sindh.
  • Sardar Altaf Ahmad Khan Bhayo: Ex MNA (parliamentary Secretary)
  • Najmuddin Abro: Current MPA SINDH.
  • Mir Abdul Malik Abro: The pioneer of anti fudel movement in Kachhi and among the founding leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party in Balochistan, was very strong alie of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
  • Mir Murad Abro(late): Ex caretaker Minister Balochistan.
  • Mohammad pariyal Abro: Mohammad pariyal abro is a poet, was born in 1 May 1937 darbello kandiaro dist Naushahro Feroze.
  • Comrade Taj Mohammad Abro:A famous social, literary, political and judicial leftist activist.
  • Ameer Abro: A writer, social worker and professionally an Engineer. Author of 10 books in Sindhi and English languages. Managing Director of Indus Publishers and President of Indus Education Foundation.

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