Abstrakt Intellekt

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Abstrakt Intellekt
Origin Taylor, Michigan, U.S.
Genres Hip-Hop
Alternative hip hop
Underground hip hop
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1999 – 2010
Website Official Website

Abstrakt Intellekt, was a hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan which was active between 1999-2010. It was composed of Ross Johnstone and Kevin Freeman, who first appeared together in 2000.[citation needed] Their first performance was at the Microphone Mystery tour at Saint Andrew's Hall which was headlined by Kid Capri.[1] The group quickly caught the attention of Mike E. Clark, and released their debut album First Contact on B4 records in 2002.[2] First Contact featured Kid Rock's DJ Paradime and Hush, with Clark as executive producer.[3] Moderate sales and an extensive live campaign garnered Abstrakt Intellekt enough local acclaim for them to be nominated in 2003 for "Album of the Year" in the Detroit Hip Hop Awards,[4] and "Best group or duo" in the 2004 Detroit Rap Awards.[5] The group parted ways with Mike Clark in 2005 and signed to an independent record label called Protekted Records,[6] but left shortly after due to creative differences. The group started their own label in 2006 called Shadow Creek Entertainment.[7] which released The Downriver Dirtbag Mixtape in 2006,[8] and The Hip Hop Experience in 2007.[9]

In 2007, Shadow Creek Entertainment signed a deal with Universal Records[citation needed] to license a song for an upcoming compilation by The Source titled "Source Presents HITS Vol. 11", but the album never made it past the licensing approval stage and was ultimately cancelled in 2009.[10]Abstrakt Intellekt was also firm supporters of suicide prevention, being honorary members of the board of directors for suicide.org.[11]

Abstrakt Intellekt released their final album in 2010 called The Remix Experience[12] and performed their final show in September 2010 at the All Around Bar in Taylor, Michigan.[13] The group held an extensive touring campaign through their professional life span, performing many times throughout the years with artists such as R.A. The Rugged Man, Tech N9ne, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, Paradime, Hush, Trick Trick, Typical Cats, and others.[14][15]

Abstrakt Intellekt started work in 2011 on a yet unnamed new project. *editors note* After email contact with the former members of Abstrakt Intellekt, it was confirmed that the groups new project is a live band called The Prime Eights.[16]

Full Length Albums[edit]

First Contact 2002

The Hip Hop Experience 2007

The Remix Experience 2010

Street albums[edit]

The Downriver Dirgbag Mixtape 2005


Untying Lost Souls 2004 (Galactic Dust Records)

Dirty Mitten Presents 7 Mile to Belle Isle.... 2005 (Detroitrap.com Records)


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