Abu al-'Ila Mosque

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Sultan Abu al-'Ila Mosque
السلطان أبو العلا
Location Egypt Cairo, Egypt
Branch/tradition Sunni
Architectural information
Style Mamluk

Sultan Abu al-'Ila Mosque (Arabic: السلطان أبو العلا ‎) is one of most famous mosques in Islamic Cairo in Egypt. The mosque now based on 23 pure white marble columns .the platform is masterpiece made of Indian teak .the roof plated in gold leaf with amazing tiny trappings. Inside walls and dome are decorated with Islamic colored inscriptions . and the dome at outside like all Mamluks's age made of stone .

Born in Mecca in the late 8th-century CE, Sultan Abu al-'Ila moved to Egypt to be near Ahl al-Bayt.

Coordinates: 30°02′22″N 31°13′47″E / 30.03944°N 31.22972°E / 30.03944; 31.22972