Abu al-Hasan Ali

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Abu al-Hasan 'Ali'
Reign 997 - 1009?
Died 1009?
Predecessor Mamun I
Successor Mamun II
Dynasty Ma'munid dynasty
Father Ma'mun I ibn Muhammad

Abu al-Hasan 'Ali (died c. 1009) was ruler of Khwarazm from 997 until his death. The second member of the Ma'munid dynasty, he was the son of Ma'mun I ibn Muhammad.

In 997 Ali took over Khwarazm following his father's death. Little is known of his reign, but his emirate was dependent upon the Karakhanids, rivals of the Ghaznavids.[1] He died sometime around 1009 and was succeeded by his brother, Abu al-Abbas Ma'mun.


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Preceded by
Ma'mun I
Ma'munid ruler of Khwarazm
Succeeded by
Ma'mun II