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Hazrath Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri (1911-2000)

Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri was a leader, scholar and poet from Hyderabad.

His father Abu Sa'ad Syed Abdul Rasheed Quadri Akhtar was an Islamic Scholar who served as Mufti Balda & Qazi-ul-Qazath in the Hyderabad Estate.

His grandfather Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood was also a well-known Islamic Scholar and rendered his services as Nazim-e-Nazm-e-Jam'iat (Director of Armed Forces), Mufti Waz'e Qawaneen (Mufti Legislative Council), Rukn Adalat-al-Aliya (Member of the High Court) and Nazim Mahkama-e-Qazaya-e-Uroob (Director of the Special Court to dispose the Arab Affairs).

His maternal grandfather Syed Shah Mohammed Quadri Al-Moosavi and his maternal uncle & father in law Waheedul Asr Syed Waheedul Quadri Al-Moosavi were famous in the Deccan territory for their profound religious knowledge. They belonged to the noble family of Syedina Syed Abdul Qader Al-Jilani of Baghdad and were the descendants of the famous Sufi saint of Hyderabad Syed Moosa Quadri.

Learning & Training[edit]

Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri took his religious learning and training from eminent scholars including Bahr-Ul-Uloom Allama Hazrat Muhammad Abdul Qadeer Siddiqi Qadri, Ibrahim Adeeb, Manazir Ahsan Gilani, Makhdoom Hussaini etc. in addition to his father Allama Mufti Abu Sa'ad Syed Abdul Rasheed Quadri Akhtar.

His personality reflected the effect of the closed companionship of the senior scholars & religious personalities of his time such as Syed Waheedul Quadri Al-Moosavi, Muhaddis-e-Deccan Syed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi, Syed Yahya Hussaini Al-Hanbali, Syed Abu Nasr Qadri Al-Jilani, Shaikhul Islam Syed Badshah Hussaini, Muhammad Abdul Muqtadir Siddiqui Fazl etc.


He was the Khalifa (Successor) of Naqeeb-ul-Ashraf Baghdad Syed Ibrahim Saifuddin Al-Gilani.

Legal Services[edit]

Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri (RAH) studied Law and served as District & Sessions Judge in the Kingdom of Hyderabad Deccan and later in the Andhra Pradesh Judiciary of free India. His verdicts on many occasions were considered historic and were firmly adopted by the upper courts in case of revision petitions.

He is listed in the Notable Muslims of Independent India on List of Indian muslims under Judiciary and Law.

Social Services[edit]

Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri (RAH) initiated several social service & philanthropic organizations and was part of many others in Hyderabad. He was the founder of Anjuman-e-Moinul Millat, Ma'arif-e-Islamia Trust, Co-Founder of Tur Baitul Mal & Co-Founder of Muslim Welfare Organization. He served as Vice President of Tur Baitul Mal, Vice President of Muslim Welfare Organization, Honorary Secretary of the Management Committee of Jamia Nizamia (the Islamic University of Hyderabad), Vice President of Anjuman Tahafuz-e-Auqaf, Member of Sadar Majlis-e-Ulma-e-Deccan, Member of the Management Committee of Latifia Arabic College, Member of Ahya-Al-Ma'arif Al-Qadria Al-Latifia, Member of the All India Retired Judicial Officials Conference etc. His community services through these and other institutions were commendable.


Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri (RAH) was a well-known poet in Arabic, Persian & Urdu. He took advice in his early period of poetry from his father Abdul Rasheed Quadri Akhtar, who was a follower of Ahmed Hussain Mael. Later he took advice from Pahlwan-e-Sukhan Najmuddin Saqib Badayoni and Shahinsha-e-Rubaiyat Azam Hussain Amjad Hyderabadi. His poetic compilations were published as Firdous, Bahar-e-Manqibat" and Kaif-O-Suroor, These had prologues written by prominent personalities like Moizuddin Qadri Al-Multan, Zeenat Sajida, Hafeez Qateel and Aqeel Hashmi.

Literary Works[edit]

Quadri wrote books on diverse topics. His books specially "Isteanat", "Ilm-e-Ghaib", "Fazail-e-Mustafa", "Gilan ki Inqilab Angez Shaksiyat", "Mahasin-e-Tariq Goi", "Rash'hat-e-Qudsia", "Universal Message of Islam", "Nazr-e-Aqeedat", "Al-Yawaqeet Wal Jawahir", "Maslak-e-Deoband" attracted huge acceptance and appreciation from within India and abroad. Similarly, Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood (RAH) translated the first five volumes of "Al-Mishkat Al-Nubuwwa" written in Persian by the famous Sufi saint Syed Shah Ghulam Ali Qadri Al-Moosavi (RAH). (The other three volumes were translated by his son Syed Waheedul Quadri Arif). He also translated another book of the same author, titled "Lataif Al-Latif"

He is the author of the Law Section of the Urdu Encyclopedia published by Abul Kalam Azad Research Institute of Hyderabad.

He also had the honor of introducing the books of Syedina Abdul Qader Al-Gilani in Hyderabad such as "Bashair-Al-Khairat" & "Sir-ul-Asrar".

He also compiled the poetic collections of Syed Afzal Biyabani (RAH) - "Kalam-e-Afzal", Syed Waheedul Qadri Al-Moosavi (RAH) - " Kalam-e-Arif", Syed Ghulam Mohammad Qadri (RAH) - "Kalam-e-Shaida" & Mufti Syed Ashraf Ali (RAH) - "Musaddasat-e-Ashraf".

Some of above books are available online at Books of Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Qadri (RAH)


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