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بلوزى على طول الخط أبوتيج
اسلام صالح بدير ال بدير البلايزه
AbutigISLAM SALEH  BEDER is located in Egypt
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 27°02′12″N 31°19′41″E / 27.03667°N 31.32806°E / 27.03667; 31.32806
Country  Egypt
Governorate Minya
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Abutig (أبو تيج) is a city in the Asyut Governorate of Egypt. Located on the west bank of the Nile, it has a population of around 440,000 inhabitants. Aboutig is the third largest city in Asyut Governorate in Egypt after Asyut itself and Dayrout. It is not only a commercial city but is famous for Al-Farghal Mosque as well. Al-Farghal Mosque is the largest mosque in Upper Egypt. Many people come to Aboutig every year in July to visit Al-Farghal Mosque and celebrate Al-Farghal fair.

Aboutig is an ancient city distinguished by its ancient-times archaeological palaces that date back to the Pharonic, Coptic, and Islamic eras. On holidays and feasts, people from all over Upper Egypt come to Aboutig to visit its zoo, called "Nasser Zoo".

Aboutig has many subordinate villages like: Baqor, Nazlat Baqor, Al-Felio, Al-Nekhila, Bani-Semei, Al-Zayara, Al-Zawia, Dekran, Al-Zarabi, Dweina, Nazlat Dweina, Abo Al-Hareth, Abo Khors and Al-Balayza. Aboutig has a large number of big families, the biggest of which is Al-Ashraf Family who are said[citation needed] to descend from the Islamic prophet Mohammad's lineage.

Coordinates: 27°02′12″N 31°19′41″E / 27.03667°N 31.32806°E / 27.03667; 31.32806