Abysmal Evenings

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Abysmal Evenings
Studio album by Paul Schütze
Released 1996
Genre Ambient
Length 59:25
Label Virgin
Producer Paul Schütze
Paul Schütze chronology
Abysmal Evenings
Shiva Recoil: Live/Unlive

Abysmal Evenings is the ninth album by composer Paul Schütze, released in 1996 through Virgin Records.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Paul Schütze.

No. Title Length
1. "Red Hand"   3:12
2. "Slow Burning Ghosts"   8:52
3. "The Close Heat Of Starlight"   9:42
4. "Font"   3:43
5. "Abysmal Evenings"   5:36
6. "The Lotus Voltage"   6:43
7. "Delta Haze"   6:47
8. "A Night Dissolved in the Lakes of Heaven"   14:50