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Aleksandar Vuksanović
Aca Lukas.jpg
Background information
Birth name Aleksandar Vuksanović
Also known as Aca Lukas
Born (1968-11-03) 3 November 1968 (age 46)
Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia
Genres Folk, Turbo-folk, pop-folk, Symphonic Metal, Death Metal, Nursery Rhymes
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments vocals, keyboards
Years active 1990–present
Labels City Records, Grand Production
Associated acts Viktorija
Notable instruments

Aleksandar Vuksanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Александар Вуксановић), known by his stage name Aca Lukas (born on 3 November 1968) is a popular Serbian folk singer. He started performing various music genres, from jazz to Gypsy. Aca started mixing them into special potpourris that became his trademark in years to come. His appearance was an overnight success. After "Hogar" and "Lukas", he moved on to the next stage by playing with rock singer Viktorija. Then he started a solo career. His first big hit was song called "Pesma od bola". Then he continued with other hits "Kafana na Balkanu", "Bele ruže" and many more. In 2003, he was arrested in police action "Sablja" because he possessed a non-reported gun. He was having drug and gambling problems that removed him from scene for two years. He made a comeback in 2006. He won 1st prize on "II Axal Grand Festival" in 2008. with song called "Upali svetlo". Nowadays, Lukas is renowned artist in Serbia and has some discographic success. His first concert in Belgrade Arena ( November 03, 2008) was on his birthday in front of more than 25,000 people. He has since had another two successive concerts in Belgrade Arena on November 03, 2010. and November 04, 2010. in front of altogether almost 50,000 people.


In 1995, his colleagues forced Aca to record his first album right after he has gained great success with a hit song "Kuda idu ljudi kao ja", that became an instant folk hit. In that mix of pop, rock and folk music, Aleksandar Radulović Futa and Marina Tucaković borrowed music from Greece and Turkey and next year they made him a hit-album, with a song called "Pesma od bola" becoming the hit of the year, along with other hits like for example "Ja zivim sam", "Nije ti ovo Amerika" etc.

In 1999, he performed at his first triumphal concert in Belgrade Hala Pionir in front of around 10,000 young people. After the tour around the country, stadium Tasmajdan Sports Centre is also conquered. In the meantime, Aca publishes two albums for the international market with his live performances at clubs and pubs that he likes so much.

In 2002, Aca published one of his best album so far called "Nesto Protiv Bolova" with hit songs "Koma", "Nešto Protiv Bolova", "Suncokreti".After his concert at the Belgrade Fair in front of nearly 20,000 fans the media pronounced him as the most popular Serbian folk singer.

After he spent four months in jail, Aca was back with a new hit album "Istina je da te lazem", but not too long after he published it he left the country saying that he is "sick" from all those trying to push him off the scene.

He came back to Serbia in 2006 performing at "Melos dani Estrade" in Čačak as "the star of the night". His comeback album was called "Jagnje Moje" with different authors but also with great songs "Udari Prva", "Jagnje Moje".

In February 2008, Aca Lukas won 1st prize at "II Axal Grand Festival" with his song "Upali Svetlo". Not long after that he published his most recent album so far called "Lesce" with very a provocative cover. On that cover he was pictured lying down in a coffin showing his extended middle finger; as he said: "To all of them who wished I were dead". This album brought great songs such as "Pao Sam Na Dno", "By Pass", "Lešće", "Chivas" etc.

On his 40th birthday on 3 November 2008, Aca performed at a concert in Belgrade Arena in front of nearly 25,000 fans. He repeated that two years later. On 3 and 4 November 2010, he performed again in Belgrade Arena in front of almost 50,000 fans each night. That brings the total to almost 75,000 people, making him likely the most popular singer in Serbia, especially among younger people.

On the night of 3 February 2009, Lukas was shot at from a gun, by an unknown assailant. The assailant fired two hits, but Lukas survived with just a wounded leg. When he came out of the hospital, he said: "Dobro se osećam. Hvala Bogu, nije mi ništa. Pustili su me iz Urgentnog centra i dobro mi je!" (translation: "I am feeling well. Thank god, nothing is wrong with me. I was released from the ER and I am feeling good.") Lukas was shot in front of Gandijeva street no. 66, while he was entering his vehicle "Porsche Cayenne".

In the 2010 year Aca record the 2 new songs "Sedam Subota" with Dado Polumenta, and "Ja Ovaj Život Imam".

In 2012, Lukas publishes new album "Stil Zivota" with new hit songs "Gotovo", "Ako Ti Još Fali Krevet Moj", "Dođi Gore" and "Daleko Si ft. Ivana Selakov" which becomes hit of year.

On 8. June 2013, Lukas held his tenth concert in front of 65,000 people at stadium "Marakana" in Belgrade. This is the largest concert in Lukas's career.

In 2014, Lukas recorded a song ft. Ceca "Ne Zanosim se Ja".


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Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Result
2010 Serbian Oscar Of Popularity Best Male Folk Singer Nominated


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Grand Festival winner
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